Meeting of Latin America – Europe LGBTI Film Festivals

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The purpose of the meeting is to facilitate, from the San Sebastian Festival and the Sebastiane Award, a place for meeting and exchange in which to generate new dynamics. The idea is also to shed light on the collective and to strengthen ties with Industry members present at the Festival.




The meeting between programmers of LGBTI festivals in Latin America and Europe will allow its participants to take part in the life of the 63rd San Sebastian Festival and in the activities surrounding the 16th Sebastiane Award:

Thursday 24  / Tabakalera / 10:00 -13:30
Latin America – Europe work meeting

Friday 25  / Galeria Kur, across from the Kursaal / 19:00
Presentation of the 16th Sebastiane Award

Saturday 26 / Egia Cultural Centre / 23:00
The Festival LGTBI fiesta organised by Gehitu



During the work meeting on 24 September at Tabakalera a number of subjects will be forwarded as the starting points for reflection, such as:

– Organisational differences depending on the different legal and social contexts
– Expectations of LGBTI festival audiences LGBTI film festivals and LGBTI visibility




The 16th Sebastiane Award has a jury consisting of members of Gehitu, chaired this year by Benoît Arnulf (Director of Nice’s In&Out festival), which will decide the best LGBTI film at the San Sebastian Festival. Is was thanks to this collaboration with the event and to the desire to go further into the struggle to achieve dignity and diversity behind the prize that a second award took shape three years ago. This accolade, the Sebastiane Latino Award for best Latin American LGBTI production of the year, will be presented to Marco Berger for his film Mariposa (Butterfly) on September 20. The LGBTI Programmers Meeting now takes us yet another step forward in that desire of the Sebastiane Award to turn the light on the cinematic stories of films made for all men and women.  



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Premios LGTB dados en el Festival de cine de San Sebastián por Gehitu, asociación LGBT del País Vasco

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