Girl, Lukas Dhont, 19th Sebastiane Award

«Girl” by Lukas Dhiont is the 18th Sebastiane Award, LGTBI prize in 66 San Sesbastian International Film. In this film, Victor Polster, Arieh Worthalter and Olivier Bodart.

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The jury has considered that Lukas Dhont’s GIRL deserved the 19 Sebastiane for showing a history of reassignment of adolescent sex.

Because even when it seems that everything rows in the same direction, the change is still dramatic.

Because the minors have identity and in the film we are clear that the process must begin not in adolescence but in childhood; to be a dancer you have to make tips from a girl.

Because Lukhas Dhont and his team, starting with Victor Polster, draw all the power that has the film language to tell a story, in this case trans.

Angelo Tijssens eta Lukas Dhont

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Premios LGTB dados en el Festival de cine de San Sebastián por Gehitu, asociación LGBT del País Vasco